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Children’s Yoga in Schools

Children's yoga - girl in easy pose

Barefoot Yoga runs creative, interactive yoga classes for children at schools and nurseries across London.

The classes involve stories, as well as yoga games and relaxation techniques, helping children learn how to strengthen and nurture their bodies and minds.  Children are encouraged to take an active role in classes and their input is always valued.  Quieter pupils are encouraged to find a voice and join in too.

Yoga is all inclusive and offers something for everyone.  At a time when children are pulled in so many directions and are under increasing pressure, yoga can help them to manage stress and get their bodies moving, so that they can return to their studies refreshed and ready to focus.

All Barefoot Yoga teachers are fully qualified and insured and have up-to-date, enhanced CRB checks. Our teachers also lead adult yoga classes, which we’d be happy to organise for your staff or parents.

To arrange a FREE TRIAL CLASS, please contact Alex Garrick on 020 8279 3703 or alex@barefoot-yoga.com


Meet our friendly team

Katy Hawtin - children's yoga teacher

Katy Hawtin

"My children's yoga classes are playful and engaging. In each session yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations are weaved into stories and adventures. Along with the many benefits of yoga for children, I am passionate about learning through play and empowering young people to be creative both mentally and physically." Katy is a registered 200hr Yoga Alliance instructor, currently studying for her 500hr Advanced Teacher qualification. She also has a BA in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education and is qualified to teach yoga to children using the Yoga Bananas Technique. Visit Katy's website
Hajnalka Wray - Children's Yoga Teacher

Hajnalka Wray

“My classes for children are energetic, vibrant and fun - exploring the postures as well as general yogic concepts and ethics through storytelling, rhyme and song.” Hajnalka’s journey as a yogi started 7 years ago in her bedroom as she practiced postures to heal her body and mind. It led her to India to study with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta and Thailand to study with Agama Yoga where she learnt ancient yogic practices that showed her the way to realising and harnessing her pure potential. She trained in the Yoga Bananas Technique in 2012. Visit Hajnalka's website
Thania Tympanari - Children's Yoga Teacher

Thania Tympanari

"My kids yoga classes are fun and very organized. I always try to bring a little wisdom in every class, through a game or yoga adventure. I always carry my friend Chi-Chi Chimes with me, a dragon that lives on a pair of Chimes and can make wishes come true." Thania has been teaching yoga since 2009, qualified in Quantum Vinyasa Yoga, Budokon Yoga and children’s yoga with Yoga Bananas. She has a degree in Sociology and Performing Arts.  Theatre and Performance is one of her other passions and, alongside yoga, combine to inspire her love for the individual, which makes every class unique. Visit Thania's Website

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